Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Live the Life

Today the contest is still going on for the blog logo, let me tell you though; Whichever design wins doesn't necessarily mean I will use that logo. lol. Art class was today, guess what I made? 2 minute friendship bracelets! Literally, 2 minutes. It's very hard to explain so I won't. It doesn't turn out as fancy as like, 1 hour straight bracelets. I'm thinking of making a small company out of them... I have no idea on what to call it! Maybe Upper Level Accessories? Because I can make purses, necklaces, rings, earrings, and more; or just like, edit a tee or something. I kind of like that name :D LSU (my fave team) is in the championship round in baseball against Texas... and guess who won? LSU!LSU!LSU!LSU!LSU! HOORAY! They just won and Texas is so disappointed and they can't even leave yet (even though is sooo obvious they want to) and it was somewhat funny. GUESS WHAT?!?!?? I need the perfect song to advertise the blog with; something that discribes it. Not sure exactly how to discribe it. Dang, I'm using a lot of italics. I'll be posting a pic of the bracelets next week because I have to go back to my house and get them, then put them down (or on) then take a pic, then upload it, then upload it again, it's just too much work :P lol. Like the changes to the blog? It's always going to be in renovation. So don't get too used to it! TTYL-XOXO~X

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

X-Claimation Mark!

That logo up there and 2 others are vying for the spot of the BLOG TITLE!
Want to vote? Click RIGHTHERE! I made the red highlights and made the eyes red.
All using a free photoshop-like program named GIMP. I haven't been making a ton of sets recently because I have NO idea. This is my most successful set ever! (66FAVES&MADE1DAYAGO!) You can see it HERE! Also if you have any idea's for me, comments, questions, or other things to say you can PM me or comment on the posts.



Monday, June 22, 2009

First Post!

Heyy there! My name is Alexis. You may call me X or Miss X. Look at me over there near the bottom! ---> Aren't I cute?? Anyway, wanted to talk about a lot of things. First; Girls United :D Girls United (a girlsense/polyvore forum) is awesome. It currently has 363 users and the most post by one person is like, 60 posts a day. It's insane. 22272 POSTS!!!!! Yeah. I know right? And everyone there is so friendly. I've been on for like, 3 days and I've already met a few great gals. (Speedy & Basket). They have almost, i guess... mentored me.... lol. Yoda moment O.O Then there is also (check me out I'm: xgirl96) Girlsense is an online fashion community where you can make clothes, showcase a boutique, buy fashions with 'G-Cents' and so much more. You'll never guess how many members girlsense has... over 15 MILLION! Yeah. Awesome too, huh? Back in Reality.... There is a summer reading program at my local library. I love to go, it's just fun. Anyway I just got through Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli (190mins) and I loved it! It's a great book that I 100% recommend (if you don't mind 2 curse words near the end). Now I'm about to start reading Mixed Bags by Melody Carlson. It's book 1 in a 5 part series. I think it'll be a good one. So I'm gonna stop talking and let you go. I'm planning a sleepover so I'm super busy. XOXO-X